How do I optimally adjust my air conditioning system when it is very hot?

Muss heute jnd. ohne AC fahren

Our recommendations refer to fully automatic air conditioning systems, as shown in the picture.

Especially in cars, air conditioners tempt you to run them at full speed and let a nice, cool wind blow into your sweaty face, especially when it’s really hot outside: Because that’s when the vehicle interior is usually very hot. But you should definitely avoid! Although an air conditioner at full throttle promises an often welcome refreshment, the risk of catching a cold but is big. The frequent change between hot and cold also generally weakens the immune system.

This is how you set your air conditioning system optimally when it is very hot.


  • The set temperature should only differ slightly from the outside temperature
    As mentioned above, excessive temperature fluctuations are very unhealthy. With an outside temperature of 32 degrees, it is therefore completely sufficient to set about 24 degrees in the vehicle.
  • Never go below 21 degrees
  • Air jets, even if they are very pleasant, should never be directed towards the face and ideally not towards the body
    It is much better to let the air flow against the windscreen or into the footwell. There it cools you indirectly and just as well. Cold air from the air conditioning system on the head or body causes the well-known “stiff neck”. With automatic air conditioning, as shown in the picture above, the automatic system usually takes care of optimal air distribution.
  • Optimum adjustment of the air vents on the dashboard: Do not turn off the nozzle! Direct the outermost nozzles on the left and right of the respective side windows. Point the center vents into the vehicle’s headliner, turning back slightly if necessary.
  • Check out tips for manual (simple) air conditioners below!

For manual (simple) air conditioners

Unfortunately, fully automatic air conditioning systems, which only have to be set at a temperature that is then kept constant, are far from being standard equipment on most vehicles. Many (older and simpler) models therefore still rely on the driver, who has to “mix” the air manually: Even with simple air conditioners, which you can apparently only switch on and off, you can vary the temperature! This is done by simply mixing cold air with warm air.

  • Under no circumstances simply switch on the air conditioning system and set the air regulator to “cold” when driving for a long time!
    In vehicles without automatic air conditioning, the air conditioning then runs permanently at the maximum level. In this way, 16 degrees or less are quickly reached in the vehicle! Use the temperature controller (red/blue) to mix in warm air. It also doesn’t require more fuel.
  • The optimum temperature when the air conditioning is switched on is approximately when the air control dial is set to “middle”
  • Set the ventilation a little higher for the first couple of kilometers, then permanently at a maximum of “2”!
IMG 7299

Dacia manual air conditioning. The button with the snowflake activates the air conditioning or the air conditioning compressor. With the help of the temperature controller on the far right, warm air should definitely be mixed in!

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