How do I pack two PDF files into one?

How do I pack two PDF files into one?

Merge files into one PDF. Select the Merge files tool via quick access in the right-hand window area or via the “Tools” tab at the top left. Select files that you would like to combine into a PDF.

How can I make multiple files into one?

Drag and drop the file into the black edit field by holding down the left mouse button on the file. You can also change the order of the files by holding down the mouse button. Now click on the symbol with the two intertwined circles in the menu at the top.

How can I merge multiple PDF files in Windows?

Mark the individual files that are to be merged bit by bit by holding down the CTRL key. Then choose Document> Combine or Combine Selected or Combine All. The selected files or all files are merged into a single PDF file.

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