How do I pay for my car at the dealer?

How do I pay for my car at the dealer?

Payment: Cash, debit card or bank transfer (usually BEFORE collection), a few also accept checks or credit cards. Registration: Every dealer will do this for you for a fee, also throughout Germany (costs 149 euros for us, no matter where the car is registered).

How long can a car stay at the dealer?

The idle times at the dealer are between 8 and 12 weeks. Of course it also depends on the model. So 2 to 4 years, some even longer. The rest goes into the scrap press or is dismantled.

Can a car break down?

But even everyday cars sometimes stand around for quite a long time. Experts explain what protects the car from slow deterioration. Standing still is rarely good, and that also applies to cars. In vehicles that are not used much, at some point not only cobwebs appear on the rear-view mirror, but also rust film on the sheet metal and brakes.

Is it bad if a car stands for a long time?

If you leave your car for a long time, you should increase the tire pressure as a precaution. If necessary, you can also move the car a bit from time to time so that other parts of the rubber are loaded. If you want to be absolutely sure, jack up the car. This also relieves the axles.

How long is it a new car?

In Germany, a new car is only classified as brand new if: no more than 12 months have passed between production and purchase; it has no standing damage (even if it has been repaired);

How long is a new car tax free?

The regulation that was valid until the end of 2011, according to which new cars are exempt from vehicle tax for two years, has been abolished. As an operator of a motor vehicle, you now have to do without this benefit.

Is a year-old car a new car?

Annual cars are basically used vehicles, but they are usually of higher quality than regular used cars. According to this, all vehicles that have been registered in traffic for a maximum of 12 months and were not older than 12 months before the first registration are considered annual cars.

Is a demonstration car a new car?

A vehicle that has already driven 500 km and been used as a demonstration vehicle does not fall under this definition of the term “new” because it is no longer unused. In civil law, the term “new vehicle” is understood to mean only a brand-new vehicle.

What is a demonstration vehicle?

Demonstration cars are vehicles that were registered to the dealer who used them for the demonstration. This means that these are mostly vehicles that were either on display in the car dealership or used for test drives.

Should you buy a demonstration car?

Inexpensive to buy a new car: Buying a demonstration vehicle is often a worthwhile option. New cars often have a special attraction for car fans. Nobody has been behind the wheel before, the interior has a special scent and the odometer is still at 0 or just above.

Is a demonstration vehicle used commercially?

The Federal Court of Justice understands a demonstration car to be a commercially used vehicle that has served a new car dealer essentially for the purpose of demonstration (inspection and test drives) and may not yet be registered for an end customer.

When is a vehicle used commercially?

What is use (private and commercial)? However, if the vehicle to be insured is part of the business assets of a company (e.g. a car from a retail sales company that is only used for business trips), it is considered commercial use.

Are demonstration cars cheaper?

Up to 40 percent discount: daily registrations and demonstration vehicles “You can save up to 30 percent there,” says Ruhdorfer. It is often even cheaper to drive if you opt for a demonstration car, which often only has a few kilometers on the clock.

How long does a demonstration vehicle have to be registered?

The new vehicle is blocked for at least 3 months. That’s normal. The dealer usually has a minimum holding period before he is allowed or able to resell the vehicle.

When is a year-old car worth it?

A year-old car is a good compromise for buyers who are looking for a current, young model, but who take a closer look at the price and accept the first signs of use. The difference in price compared to a new car can be enormous, between 10 and 40 percent, depending on the model.

How much cheaper is a year-old car?

The year-old car comes from a company employee who is allowed to buy a new car once a year at a generous discount, usually 15 percent below the list price. The employee usually has to drive his bargain for at least nine months before he can sell it.

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