How do I properly cite my sources?

How do I properly cite my sources?

You give book sources in the bibliography according to the Harvard citation method as follows: last name, first name (ed.) (year), title of the work, edition, place of publication. Example: Mustermann, Max (2020), reference book, 1.

How often do you have to put a footnote?

You have to put a footnote if you take over content from the literature in the continuous text, either literally or analogously. Even if you mention the name of an author, you must put a footnote (example: Fritz Müller recently explained that + footnote!).

Can you make two footnotes in a row?

There are no double footnotes. Therefore: Use a footnote and thus a footnote character for the sentence to be assigned. In the footnote, you can then list the two or possibly several sources and also tell the reader how they are related.

How do you quote multiple sentences?

If several sentences/a section of meaning are to be marked with a reference, the footnote symbol/short reference is placed after the last full stop of the section to be referenced. Full sentence (punctuation marks + quotation marks + footnote/ short reference): “This is a citation. “1 “This is a quote” (pattern name 2014: 8.)

Where do you put the footnote?

A footnote is always at the end of the page on which the reference sign is also listed in the text. (Some publishing formats have endnotes instead, where a block of footnotes appears at the end of the text — becoming increasingly rare.)

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