How do I put an FSJ on my CV?

How do I put an FSJ on my CV?

Example for the presentation in the curriculum vitae When specifying civil service, military service, FSJ or BFD in the curriculum vitae, write the relevant period of service in the left column. In the right column you first enter the name of the activity or the respective service.

What to write in the goal setting résumé?

When setting goals, a clear deadline should be planned from the start. Don’t just say I want a raise, but give the goal setting a timeframe, such as I want a raise within the next three months

How should goals be formulated?

Formulate the objective: Set yourself a concrete goal that reflects the meaning of your work. Mention your research method. Create reasonable expectations. Formulate the objective in the present tense. Do not set too many and above all do not set unrealistic goals. Don’t try to solve the problem already.

What is an objective?

1) The act of determining what is to be achieved. 2) Desired or desired state or situation. Origin of the term: determinative compound, composed of the noun aim and setting, the derivation of the verb set.

What is the goal of a scientific paper?

Scientific work aims to create new knowledge, and scientific work in the sense of this lemma is one of several formats in which the results of scientific work can be presented for further research and teaching.

What is the goal of a specialist thesis?

The aim of the thesis is that you learn by way of example what a scientific paper is and how to write it. The technical work is a more extensive written term paper and must be written independently.

What is the goal of a master’s thesis?

The master’s thesis generally serves as proof that the candidate is able to write a scientific or artistic work independently, but with supervision. The academic master’s degree is usually awarded with a university examination.

How does a master’s thesis work?

The rough process As a rule, the defense of your master’s thesis consists of two parts: In the first part, you should explain your working method and the theses of your master’s thesis. In the second part of the defense, you will then be asked questions about your work.

What happens after submitting the master’s thesis?

After successfully defending the master’s thesis, you will be presented with the master’s certificate. This usually takes place as part of a graduation ceremony. If there is no corresponding celebration, the certificate and the certificate will be sent to you by post.

How long does a master’s thesis take?

This corresponds to 10,000 words or 72,000 characters. The length of a master’s thesis, on the other hand, can be between 30 and 100 pages. An average master’s thesis is 66 pages (16,500 words, 118,800 characters) long.

How many hours a day for a master’s thesis?

You are not a machine that can work three to six months. Six hours of concentrated work a day, five days a week, is enough.

Is a master’s thesis difficult?

The size of a master’s thesis (80-120 pages) is of course the biggest difference to the bachelor thesis (30-40 pages). But the higher number of pages is simply the outflow of a much more demanding, deeper scientific approach to an academic topic.

How long should the introduction of a master’s thesis be?

The introduction of the master’s thesis should come to the topic of the master’s thesis as quickly as possible and without further ado. Therefore, try to keep the introduction of your master’s thesis short. Reliable statements about the length of an introduction are impossible. But five pages can be enough.

How long should an introduction be?

The length of the introduction depends on the scope of the work. For a thesis with 40 pages (without attachments) the introduction should not be longer than one or one and a half pages. When working with 80 pages, the introduction should not be longer than 2 pages.

How long should the discussion be?

The discussion is extensive and can span several pages. It is at the heart of your work. The conclusion shouldn’t be longer than one or two pages. In the discussion you interpret, while the conclusion only takes up the essence.

How long should the problem be?

Formulate the problem As soon as you succeed in doing this, you can use the associated questions and hypotheses as a common thread for your work. As a rule, the problem you have formulated does not contain more than one or two sentences.

How many research questions?

How many research questions are there? It’s not that easy to answer. As a rule, you should only work on one research question for a bachelor thesis, because your time and the scope of the work are very limited.

What is a problem?

The problem describes the research problem that you want to solve with your thesis. With the problem you justify the relevance of your research: Why is it important that you carry out this research?

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