How do I quote a book with multiple authors?

How do I quote a book with multiple authors?

Several authors or editors are separated in the bibliography by a slash or a semicolon. If there are more than three authors, only the first is given, followed by an “et al. “For” et alii “(and others).

What is a collective work?

In the publishing industry, a compilation of works (also: editors’ writing) is a specialist book edited by a publisher with several authors who provide articles on a special subject. In the case of extensive topics, the work can also consist of several volumes.

Is a textbook a compilation?

As a result, a monograph can be a textbook. An anthology is considered a monograph when the authors have refined and developed the individual texts together. If this is not the case, one speaks more of an anthology, anthology or collection of articles.

When is it an anthology?

An anthology is a book in which several texts by different authors or essays by different authors are published in an anthology. In contrast to this, a monograph will be published by all authors or authors indicated.

Where can you find monographs?

Independent publications include monographs and compilations, in short: everything that has its own ISBN number. These book holdings can be found in the catalogs of the respective libraries.

What is a monograph?

Monograph – definition & bibliography. A monograph is a book devoted to a specific topic, person, or problem.

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