How do I quote a passage?

How do I quote a passage?

Proceed as follows: If you reproduce a text passage literally, you have to copy it letter by letter. Put the quote in quotation marks. Enter the page or line (or the verse) in brackets. The sentence ends after the page or verse. Line specification.

How do you recognize a quote?

A quote must be literally accurate. Words or letters can be added in square brackets so that a quote fits into the text. Anything that is not literally included in the cited source should be in square brackets, even if they are just individual letters.

When do I have to cite sources?

When is the source required? A source is always required when you adopt a statement, a thought or information from someone else.

When is it not allowed to quote?

Text quote. It is therefore not permitted if the quotation is used as a mere addition in your own text or to complete your own statements. Also inadmissible are quotations with which one would like to save one’s own explanations or which serve to merely illustrate one’s own work.

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