How do I quote a PDF file?

How do I quote a PDF file?

As with the respective sources, which are saved as PDF files, the reference in the text consists of the information author, date of publication and page number. Depending on the citation, the reference can be in brackets in the text (APA, MLA and Harvard) or in the footnote (German citation).

How do I indicate image sources?

When using images under the CC license, the following information is required: Attribution of the author, such as “Max Mustermann” Link to the source of the image. Name of the CC license and link to the corresponding license stamp. Processing instructions.Title of the work “”

Is the place of publication the place of publication?

Except for magazines, the place of publication is always given. This is not easy to justify from current practice, since historians do not name the publisher who has its seat in the town. A search for a title based only on the place of publication should only be easy for those familiar with the publishing landscape.

What is the place of publication?

Concept of press law: the place from which a publication is distributed. In other words: place of manufacture (place where the printed matter is printed).

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