How do I quote a publication?

How do I quote a publication?

The quotation is quoted in full, i.e. one quoted as at the end of the bibliography with all information (author, title, year of publication, place, pages, etc.). For further quotations from the same source: short quotation (author year, page or author: [Kurz-]Title, page).

How do I quote editors?

‘For’ same editor ‘or’ this. ‘For’ the same publisher ‘. Example: Identify the same author and publisher according to Harvard Müller, Thomas (2019): References or bibliography, in: ders.

How do I quote anthologies?

(Year): main title. Series name Volume number, location. If an anthology (with contributions by different authors) is to be cited in the series as a whole, the publisher (s) of the respective volume must be named before the title of the volume. The publisher can also appear after the location.

How do I quote from an anthology in the text?

Title of the anthology When citing the source in the bibliography, you must first name the title of the chapter you are quoting. Then you give the title and, if necessary, the subtitle of the anthology. In the citation styles APA and Harvard this is written in italics.

How do I quote a chapter from a book?

How do you quote a chapter from a book? Authors of the book chapter: surname and initials of the authors, with up to seven authors with an ‘&’ in between. Year of publication: Enter the year in round brackets. Title of the book chapter : Enter the title in italics.

How many authors in footnote?

Name several authors when citing – but only three in the footnotes. If you want to quote a passage in your work that several authors have written, you have to record this in the footnotes. This is definitely a stumbling block if you want to name several authors when citing.

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