How do I quote a quote from a book?

How do I quote a quote from a book?

If you want to quote a passage of text that already contains quotation marks, put the quote in single quotation marks. You mark your quote as usual with double quotation marks. In this way you can make it clear which quote comes from you and which one you have taken over.

How do you quote a chapter from a book?

How do you quote a chapter from a book? Authors of the book chapter: surname and initials of the authors, with up to seven authors with an ‘&’ in between. Year of publication: Enter the year in round brackets. Title of the book chapter : Enter the title in italics. Other entries …

How do I quote anthologies?

(Year): main title. Series name Volume number, location. If an anthology (with contributions by different authors) is to be cited in the series as a whole, the publisher (s) of the respective volume must be named before the title of the volume. The publisher can also appear after the location.

How do I make a good bibliography?

List of sources: LiteratureSurname, first name.Heditorhood (abbreviate with «Hrsg.») Title, subtitle.Place of publication.Name of the publisher.Year of publication (if there are several entries in the same year, additionally a – z; if not yet published: “in publication”) Row number (in brackets with “=” at the beginning)

How do I quote a website without an author?

Example: Citing an internet source without an author You can cite an internet source without a date by adding ‘o. D. ‘(= without date) indicate in your reference to the source.

How do I quote a picture from the internet?

Illustrations, such as images, graphics, photos or diagrams, do not appear in the bibliography of your scientific work, but in the list of figures. The list of figures is not to be found in the back of the thesis, but in the front behind the table of contents.

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