How do I quote a translated book?

How do I quote a translated book?

You are using a book that has been translated from English or French into German. In this case you have to add the original title and year of publication as well as the place of publication in brackets. Azande. London 1937).

How do I quote the Federal Ministry?

However, it must be ensured that the document can be found from there. For example: Federal Ministry of Finance (2007), BMF Monthly Report May 2007, Internet address: URL: [Abrufdatum: 2. Juli 2010]. In exceptional cases, newspaper articles can also be cited.

When do you write cf. and when not?

The abbreviation see in front of the source indicates that this information does not come literally, but in accordance with the meaning of the source listed. That means you can make a comparison between your work and the original source.

When do you see and compare?

Their referencing differs from direct quotations by a “cf.”, which stands for “compare”. Sometimes “see” is used to indicate indirect quotations. That is possible, but rather unusual. Anyone who wants to refer to other books or texts in a footnote, for example, can do so with “cf.

How do I make a paragraph in Word?

If you do not want to create a new paragraph or mirror point and do not want to send the message either, you need the line break. Press Enter and Shift at the same time. Otherwise you use the shift key for capitalization.

Where can I find line breaks?

You can easily insert a line break in Word while typing on the keyboard. Simply press the key combination Shift + Enter at the same time at the point where you want a line break. Caution: The combination Ctrl + Enter inserts a manual page break.

How do you make a blank line?

A blank line can be logically created by using a tag in the desired place of the break. You can use the tag to put text in a paragraph, which means that it can basically be formatted as a separate part.

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