How do I quote a website without an author?

How do I quote a website without an author?

Example: Citing an internet source without an author You cite an internet source without a date by adding the addition undated ‘(= without a date) in your reference.

How do you quote when the author is unknown?

The author is always quoted as follows: surname, first name. Up to three authors are listed, if there are more, briefly you start with ao (and others). If the author is unknown, one writes: o. V.

How to quote If no year?

a) No date on the cited page. If the date of publication or the last update of the source is not displayed on the cited website, this information is not omitted but rather by the note “o. J. “(ie without year).

When do I have to cite sources?

In the case of verbatim use, the source must be cited in any case! This also applies if not a whole sentence but a larger section of a sentence is taken word for word. In addition, reading and writing have “a historically quite changeable profile” (Hurrelmann 2002: 123).

Which year of publication in the bibliography?

Format for a source citation according to the German citation style: Name, first name: Title: Subtitle, edition, place: publisher, year of publication.

What should a bibliography look like?

Every reference should at least consist of the following elements: name of the author, title of the work and the year of publication (for printed works) or the date of the last access (for websites).

How do I make a good bibliography?

List of sources: LiteratureSurname, first name.Heditorhood (abbreviate with «Hrsg.») Title, subtitle.Place of publication.Name of the publisher.Year of publication (if there are several entries in the same year, additionally a – z; if not yet published: “in publication”) Row number (in brackets with “=” at the beginning)

What is the bibliography?

General. The source is either given directly on the object (article, report, photo, drawing, quotation) or given in a separate “list of sources”. In audio or film material, the sources can be announced or displayed in the end credits.

What goes into a bibliography?

A bibliography is limited to the works, the editors, the year of publication and the creator of the title. The bibliography goes one number further. In addition to the information mentioned, the pages on which reference was made to the corresponding work are also listed here.

What does a reference include?

A reference consists of two parts: a short reference in the text and a complete reference in the bibliography in Word at the end of the thesis. How exactly such a statement must be structured depends on the source (book, article …) and the citation style.

What goes into a bibliography?

In the bibliography the work used is named with its author, year of publication and publisher. In the list of sources there is also the page number on which the information used can be found.

What is a bibliography example?

The source information for newspaper articles in the bibliography usually looks like this: Surname and first name of the author, year of publication, title of the message, title of the newspaper, publication date, page. Example: Mustermann, Max (2020), bibliography example, in: UNI-Zeitung, p.

How do I create a bibliography?

The following components and the following order must be observed in a bibliography: Author / editors.Title (“Book title) Subtitle. Volume reference or edition (exception: 1st edition) Place of publication.Publisher. Year of publication.

What is italicized in the bibliography?

When naming the title, you use italic font. The following order is given in the bibliography in Harvard style with the following punctuation marks (Theisen 2013: 227): Example: Last name, first name (year of publication): Title, edition, location: Publisher.

How do you cite scientific articles?

When citing articles from magazines, the respective year and issue number must be given … URL or DOI.

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