How do I quote an encyclopedia?

How do I quote an encyclopedia?

Lexicon articles are included in the footnotes and in the bibliography according to the following citation rule: Name, first name: Title, in: Name of the lexicon, volume, place of publication, year of publication, column x y. The name of the lexicon can be abbreviated if this is customary in the individual course of study.

How do I quote the New Pauly correctly?

Ancient literature A binding citation method has become established internationally for ancient authors. Abbreviations of the names of the authors and works can be found in the New Pauly (DNP Vol. 1, XXXIX-XLVII).

Is Brockhaus quotable?

Just like its printed predecessors, the Brockhaus Encyclopedia is scientifically sound and can therefore be cited as a source in scientific or pre-scientific papers (VWA), essays or articles.

Why is Wikipedia not allowed to be quoted?

However, citing with Wikipedia is considered a no-go in scientific operations and often leads to a poorer evaluation of the work, although citing internet sources is allowed. In fact, Wikipedia does not guarantee the professional qualifications and the identity of the authors.

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