How do I quote an expert interview?

How do I quote an expert interview?

A published interview is cited like the source in which the interview is … The reference in the text by Harvard and Deutsche Zitierweise consists of: Name of the interviewed person, interview ‘, personal interview’, interview with ‘etc., if applicable. Place, date, reference to attachment.

How do I quote from secondary literature?

To cite a secondary citation, first name the original source, followed by the addition cited from ‘and the source in which you found the citation. Only the source that you have actually read is listed in the bibliography. In this case it is secondary literature.

What is original literature?

Primary sources are original literature. These are writings by an author, such as a research report, or source works, such as laws, that can become the subject of scientific research.

What is literature simply explained?

By literature you mean a lot of books. It is not necessarily about the books that are in a library, but about books that belong to a certain group. The term “literature” comes from a Latin word for “letter”.

What is meant by literature?

Literature is one of the genres of art. The word literature was used regularly for the sciences well into the 19th century. Literature usually means published works.

What does literature do to us?

Literature not only broadens our horizons by getting to know new life stories, but also by meeting different people and accompanying them in their innermost being. Literature makes you more tolerant and open-minded towards other people.

What should literature achieve?

What can literature do? Their answers are as varied and complex as literature itself: books can encourage, comfort, make happy, they can turn people into fighters or move them to peace.

What does literature bring me?

Reading is important, among other things because it helps us understand the world and people better. Literary works are particularly useful in this regard. According to researchers, they improve our social skills more than non-fiction or trivial novels.

What does this read

Books keep the brain young and efficient Several studies show that mental stimulation keeps you fit and can delay or even stop the occurrence and course of Alzheimer’s and dementia. If you keep your brain active by reading, you can stop or at least slow down the loss of mental abilities.

What good is reading for me?

Reading reduces stress If you read regularly, you stimulate your own brain cells, train your cognitive abilities and improve your vocabulary and ability to concentrate. The scientists write in their study that emotional intelligence is also improved.

What does reading mean to you?

Reading means almost everything to me. Relaxation, distraction, stress relief, joy, fun … the list can be expanded as much as you want, what reading means to me. I honestly couldn’t live without books. But that also includes thinking about a book and writing the review, I like that too.

Why is reading better than television?

In contrast to passive television, in which everyone concentrates on the television for themselves, there is a social exchange when reading together. The brain is particularly active and, in cooperation with someone you trust, ensures positive links to the “act of reading”.

Why is it important to read books?

Many studies show that reading books has positive effects on health. Regular reading and the absorption of new information optimally train the brain and memory. Reading should also be able to prevent Alzheimer’s.

What happens when you read?

What happens in our brain when we read? When we read, we connect visual, linguistic, emotional and even motor areas in our brain. ”New studies come to the conclusion that reading can even change the structures in our brain.

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