How do I quote an interview from a newspaper?

How do I quote an interview from a newspaper?

To quote a self-conducted interview, create a reference in the text, but do not include an entry in the bibliography. A published interview is cited in the same way as the source in which the interview is to be found, and accordingly receives an entry in the bibliography.

How do I quote judge correctly?

a) Judgments and resolutions of the BVerwG are always cited with the date of the decision and the file number. This also applies if the decision is printed in the BVerwGE. The designation “BVerwG” is to be placed in front of the quotation. It is omitted as part of the file number.

How do you quote legal comments?

Comments and textbooks are to be cited according to the publisher / author or title and, if applicable, the editor of the reference, paragraph, subdivision or marginal number. Suggested citations in the respective works are to be followed. The editor and editor are best separated with a hyphen.

How do you cite law dissertations?

First name and first name are given, separated by a comma, followed by a colon. The title of the dissertation follows on the same line. After that there is a point. This is followed by the subtitle of the dissertation and then, separated by a comma, as the type of publication “unv.

How do you quote from a master’s thesis?

If you quote from a bachelor thesis, you must therefore add the addition unpublished in the source. If a bachelor thesis or master thesis is publicly available, e.g. B. with a URL or in a library, it is possible to quote them.

How many footnotes should a term paper have in law?

As a rule of thumb, I would use 5-10 footnotes per page. In my opinion, one cannot avoid differentiating according to the legal area. In criminal law, 5-10 footnotes are much more common in simple housework than in civil law, or in Austrian law.

What are the tasks of a comment on a legal text?

The aim of the commentary is to define the scope of a law and to subsume cases of everyday life under the provisions. In a comment, legal norms are explained abstractly and using examples, and their connection with other legal norms is explained.

How do I quote BGH judgments?

BGHZ (= quote from a judgment of the BGH, official collection) 35 (= volume number, this does not correspond to the year!), 112, 113 (= usually the first page of the decision is cited, followed by the specific reference). However, the following citation methods can also be found: BGH BGHZ 53, 112, 113.

What is BGHSt?

The decisions of the Federal Court of Justice in criminal matters (BGHSt) are a collection of the important decisions of the Federal Court of Justice in criminal law published by the members of the Federal Court of Justice and published by Carl Heymanns Verlag, Cologne, analogous to the earlier collection of the decisions of …

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