How do I quote apa correctly?

How do I quote apa correctly?

In the case of APA and the Harvard citation method, the source is immediately after the quote in brackets in the text. The source information includes the information author, year and, if applicable, page number. In the German citation style, the sources are given with the help of footnotes.

How do I quote internet sources apa?

According to APA, you can cite internet sources with a reference in the text and an entry in the bibliography. According to APA guidelines, complete references for internet sources consist of 4 components: author, date of publication, title and URL.

How do I quote a direct quote?

You take direct quotations directly from the original source that you want to quote. The quote is always in quotation marks and depending on which citation you use, the source is given in brackets or in a footnote at the bottom of the text.

How do you recognize a quote?

A quote must be literally accurate. Words or letters can be added in square brackets so that a quote fits into the text. Anything that is not literally included in the cited source should be in square brackets, even if they are just individual letters.

How long can a quote be?

How long can the quote be? It should be noted that both a small quote and a large quote should not disproportionate the length of the quote to the entire new work. The quotation must not be longer than is necessary to document it.

When does a quote not have to be proven?

You do not need to prove general facts that are irrevocable, such as the life dates of people or the dates of certain events.

Which statements do not have to be substantiated?

Generally accepted assumptions do not need to be quoted. Example: “Since the discovery of America” – nothing needs to be documented here, unless one wants to claim that the date that is usually rumored cannot be correct and that one’s own sources show otherwise.

When does a quote have to be indented?

The writing trainer for academic and professional writing. Longer quotations should be indented. Verbatim quotations that are longer than two lines can – even if they are integrated quotations – be clearly set apart from the rest of the text by adding e.g.

When to quote indirectly?

Application. An indirect quotation is when you use other people’s ideas in your work, but do not want to use them in the same wording in your scientific work. In this way you are giving the source that you want to cite, analogously.

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