How do I quote comments?

How do I quote comments?

Comments are often quoted with a short description (here: MüKo-StGB). You first name the commented paragraph (here: § 242 StGB) and then the marginal number (here: marginal no. 2) under which you found certain information.

To whom do administrative regulations apply?

Administrative regulations are abstract, general regulations within the administrative organization, which are issued by higher-level administrative bodies or superiors to subordinate authorities or employees and which serve to improve the organization and actions of the administration (eg interpretation of norms, exercise of discretion.

Are administrative regulations binding?

Administrative regulations specifying norms These administrative regulations serve to specify an indefinite legal term. It should be noted that such administrative regulations have an external effect; this means that they are relevant and binding for judicial decisions.

Are courts bound by administrative regulations?

As a matter of principle, the courts are not bound by the administrative regulations in their control activities vis-à-vis the administration.

What is a general administrative rule?

General administrative regulation The general administrative regulation serves to ensure a uniform application of the law by the authorities and therefore only apply directly to the competent authorities, not to the citizen who is also affected.

What are executive regulations?

Administrative regulations that are issued to implement laws, ordinances or other legal provisions are referred to as implementing regulations.

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