How do I quote correctly in a lecture?

How do I quote correctly in a lecture?

Quoting a lecture / lecture Tip: You should therefore take a look at the personal homepage of the speaker. Scheme for the lecture: {Last name}, {First name} ({year}): {Lecture title}. (Lecture, {date}).

How do I quote from an expert interview?

A published interview is cited like the source in which the interview is … The reference in the text by Harvard and Deutsche Zitierweise consists of: Name of the interviewed person, interview ‘, personal interview’, interview with ‘etc., if applicable. Place, date, reference to attachment.

How do I quote from Harvard?

When citing Harvard, the source is cited as a short reference directly in the text. The source cited in the text is only given in full in the bibliography. As a rule, you can remember that the name of the author, the year of publication of the work and the page number are given.

How do you quote Harvard internet sources?

If you cite an online source, simply give in Harvard style the author and the year in brackets as well as the corresponding page number (cf. Kornmeier 2011: pp. 276–284).

How do I quote multiple pages?

Quotation on two pages If the quoted passage is a quotation that extends over two pages, the page on which the quotation begins is indicated in the footnote. The page number is followed by “f. “Set for” and the following “: Brinkmann, K .: Roman history.

How many pages are meant by FF?

With ‘f. ‚The author refers to the immediately following page and with‚ ff. ‚On at least three consecutive pages.

When do I have to quote?

If an entire text or a longer section from a publication is taken over from another text, it is sufficient to indicate what you are relying on in the running text or in a footnote at the beginning.

When to use the subjunctive when quoting?

Instead, many simply resort to the indicative (cf. Moll / Thielmann 2016: 148). In writing, on the other hand, the subjunctive is used for two reasons: on the one hand to express a wish, on the other hand in indirect speech or in indirect quoting.

When does not have to be quoted?

Generally accepted assumptions do not need to be quoted. Example: “Since the discovery of America” – nothing needs to be documented here, unless one wants to claim that the date that is usually rumored cannot be correct and that one’s own sources show otherwise.

How long can a quote be?

How long can the quote be? It should be noted that both a small quote and a large quote should not disproportionate the length of the quote to the entire new work. The quotation must not be longer than is necessary to document it.

How is a quote indented?

Incidentally, the quotation marks are omitted for indented quotations. To indent your quote, you must first highlight it. Then select the menu item “Layout”. In the “Paragraph” area under “Indentation” you can set the width of the indentations to the left and right of your quote.

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