How do I quote from a dictionary?

How do I quote from a dictionary?

Indication in the footnotes (first reference to the dictionary): In: Title of the dictionary. Edited by name of the publisher. Place of publication year-year [nachfolgend zitiert als KRZEL], Vol.

How do you write a quote for a specialist thesis?

Quoting correctly according to the Harvard system, using the exact words and spelling. Put quotation marks in front of and after the quotation. Put the author, year of publication and the page in brackets.

How do I quote a book source?

You enter book sources in the bibliography using the Harvard citation method: Name, first name (publisher) (year), title of the work, edition, place of publication, for example: Mustermann, Max (2020), reference book, 1st edition, Berlin .

How do I quote from a textbook?

h) School books Last name, first name (ed.): Title with subtitle if necessary. Information on the edition, place of publication, year of publication. Examples: Günther-Arndt, Hilke / Kocka, Jürgen (eds.): History book 3.

How should a reference look like?

Every reference should at least consist of the following elements: name of the author, title of the work and. Year of publication (for printed works) or date of last access (for websites).

When do sources have to be given?

In order for your readership to be able to trace the original sources, all content from external sources must be marked. If the sources are missing or incomplete, plagiarism is committed. In order to avoid this, a correct reference to the source is necessary.

How do I add sources to Word?

Creating a source Click behind the end of the sentence or the phrase that you want to mark as a quotation. On the References tab, click Insert Quote. In the Create Source dialog box, next to Source Type, select the type of source (ex.

How do I include footnotes?

Footnotes are separated from the text by a footnote line preceded by at least one blank line. Footnotes begin with the reference symbol used and have single line spacing. They are displayed in a smaller font size. The footnote should end with a period.

How do I cite internet sources in footnotes?

If you use the German way of quoting, you also give sources for the quotations in your text in the footnotes. This happens in a shortened form compared to the information in the bibliography. The footnote for an internet source should include the author and the date of publication.

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