How do I quote from an interview?

How do I quote from an interview?

published in a newspaper, podcast or magazine, it is considered published. You cite a published interview like the source in which the interview appeared. Give the author of the source as the author.

What do we understand by references?

A source is a reference in a publication to a source of information that has been used, for example a book or a newspaper article.

What is considered a source?

1. Publication in a scientific source a) Article in scientific journals. b) Books published by a scientific publisher. a) Scientific reasoning. b) Scientific citation. c) Scientific authors.

Is the source reputable?

Six quality criteria for reputable sources. Is the source relevant? Who is the author? Which target group is addressed and what is the purpose? How up-to-date is the information? What is your overall impression of the source? Is the information transparent and verifiable?

How many sources do I need for a bachelor thesis?

There is no guide to how many sources should be included in a bachelor thesis. Some universities give an assessment of around 3-5 sources per page, but this can vary greatly depending on the course and topic of the bachelor thesis.

How many footnotes per Bachelor thesis page?

Tip: Often students ask us how many footnotes and sources are required. Of course, we cannot give a general answer here. One footnote per page on average is definitely not enough, but five per page is enough. The following applies: You don’t have to attach a footnote to every sentence.

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