How do I quote from the Bible?

How do I quote from the Bible?

Quoting the Bible passages When citing the Bible passages, the book is always named first, then the chapter and finally the verse, separated by a comma. Example: John 3: 16-17 (= John chapter 3, verses 16 to 17).

How do I quote a program?

If you want to quote a software according to APA, you state the person or persons who have or have the rights to the software as the authorship. In addition, there is the year of publication, the title of the software, the version number as well as the issuing company and a corresponding URL.

How do I quote from a movie?

Instead of the author, the source of a film begins with the director and, if applicable, … film in the bibliographyDirector and possibly producer.Year.Title.Place of production and production company.

How do you cite films in academic papers?

The following applies in the bibliography: Last name, first name (year): film title [Träger/Medium], Production country / production location: Production company.

How do I quote a series?

Your sources will be sorted alphabetically. While the order of the sources in print media often depends on the name of the author, in the case of series the subsequent titles or the series titles come first. Your reference to the series then looks like this: “Next title”.

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