How do I quote in the text?

How do I quote in the text?

So if you want to quote in the text, you mark the direct quote with quotation marks (“”). If the quotation takes up more than three lines, it will stand out a little more from the rest of the text.

How do I quote German correctly?

Correct citation according to the German citation method, use the exact words and the spelling. Put quotation marks around the quotation. Put a footnote after the quotation, starting with 1. name under the corresponding footnote the author, the year of publication and the page.

How do I have to mark a quote?

The quoted text is always in quotation marks in a verbatim quote. Please note that the introductory quotation mark is at the bottom and the quotation mark ending the quotation is at the top: “Correct use of quotation marks. “

How do you quote correctly in academic papers?

While with direct quotations text passages are adopted word for word, with indirect quotations only the content is adopted. Direct quotations should not be used too often in academic papers. However, there is no need to save with indirect quotations.

How do you quote individual words?

If you rephrase the statement in your own words, it is an indirect quotation or a paraphrase. You can quote individual words directly, but sentences and entire text passages can also be used. You should incorporate these into your own text as fluently as possible.

How do you quote a comparison?

The abbreviation see in front of the source indicates that this information does not come literally, but in accordance with the meaning of the source listed. That means you can make a comparison between your work and the original source.

How do I quote an indirect quote?

According to APA guidelines, you can cite indirect sources with the addition ‘quoted from’ in your reference in the text. You name the original source first, followed by ‘cited from’ and the source in which you found the secondary citation.

When do I have to give a source?

References and quotations in scientific texts The general rule is that you have to provide appropriate information where you are oriented towards a foreign text or foreign ideas; sometimes even if something has not been taken over literally. is the addressee of the text.

How often do you quote a source?

Every source that you use in your scientific work must be accompanied by a reference in the text and an entry in the bibliography. If you use sources several times, you should refer to them several times in your text. Basically, it is better to refer too much than too little.

When is it not allowed to quote?

Text quote. It is therefore not permitted if the quotation is used as a mere addition in your own text or to complete your own statements. Also inadmissible are quotations with which one would like to save one’s own explanations or which serve to merely illustrate one’s own work.

How do I correctly indicate an image source?

Image source: You should pay attention to this You should always number your images and give them a title. The images that you use in your scientific work are listed in the list of images of your work with the title.

How do I cite sources in the footnote?

It is best to write the source information in a so-called “footnote”. To do this, place the cursor at the point where the footnote is to be inserted. Then select in the menu: Insert> Reference> Footnote.

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