How do I quote judge correctly?

How do I quote judge correctly?

a) Judgments and resolutions of the BVerwG are always cited with the date of the decision and the file number. This also applies if the decision is printed in the BVerwGE. The designation “BVerwG” is to be placed in front of the quotation. It is omitted as part of the file number.

How do you quote ECJ judgments?

80 The legal cases of the ECJ rulings are preceded by a “C” in order to distinguish them from those of the ECJ (“T”) and the ECJ (“F”). Older cases (before the founding of the CFI in 1989) are cited without a letter.

How do I quote BGH judgments?

BGHZ (= quote from a judgment of the BGH, official collection) 35 (= volume number, this does not correspond to the year!), 112, 113 (= usually the first page of the decision is cited, followed by the specific reference). However, the following citation methods can also be found: BGH BGHZ 53, 112, 113.

How do I quote my own work?

Frequently asked questions self-plagiarism. May I quote myself? If the scientific work from which you want to transfer content has not yet been published, you have to add a note in your new work. Quoting yourself is not allowed here.

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