How do I quote scientifically correctly?

How do I quote scientifically correctly?

Correct citation is required for scientific work. All sources used in the text must be marked with a direct reference in the text and an entry in the bibliography. If you use foreign ideas, you must mark this.

How do you correctly quote cf.

When using indirect quotations, any foreign ideas must also be identified by citing sources. In contrast to direct quotations, indirect quotations are not put in quotation marks, but with the note “Cf. “(= Comparisons) or” S. “(= See) marked.

What does cf. mean when quoting?

Their referencing differs from direct quotations by a “cf.”, which stands for “compare”. Sometimes “see” is used to indicate indirect quotations. That is possible, but rather unusual. Anyone who wants to refer to other books or texts in a footnote, for example, can do so with “cf.

How do you quote a direct quote?

You take direct quotations directly from the original source that you want to quote. The quotation is always in quotation marks and depending on which citation you use, the source is given in brackets or in a footnote at the bottom of the text.

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