How do I quote sources correctly?

How do I quote sources correctly?

You enter book sources in the bibliography using the Harvard citation method: Name, first name (publisher) (year), title of the work, edition, place of publication, for example: Mustermann, Max (2020), reference book, 1st edition, Berlin .

How do I quote a secondary source?

To cite a secondary citation, first name the primary literature, followed by the addition cited from ‘and the source in which you found the secondary citation. Only the source that you have actually read is listed in the bibliography. In this case that is the secondary source.

When is it a secondary quote?

If you do not read the original text, one speaks of a secondary quotation: secondary quotations are quotations that you do not take from the original source, but from another source that in turn cited the original source (secondary source).

What can not be quoted?

2) So not only on individual positions, but allows the complete takeover of a work. However, the accepting work must be scientific. But: In everyday information, reports and newspaper articles, foreign works may not be quoted in full.

When do I have to give a source?

References and quotations in scientific texts The general rule is that you have to provide appropriate information where you are oriented towards a foreign text or foreign ideas; sometimes even if something has not been taken over literally. is the addressee of the text.

How do I quote an indirect quote?

It is important to ensure that your analogous rendition is not too similar to the original source. The indirect quotation is quoted correctly in your text by placing a “cf.” for “comparison” in front of the information in your reference.

What do you write in quotation marks?

Verbatim speech The quotation marks come before and after verbatim expressions or thoughts and text passages. If the direct speech or the quotation is interrupted, the individual parts of the text are put in quotation marks. “The successful man is”, it says in this book, “the average man, focused”.

Which quotes to use?

In German typesetting, in all countries (except Switzerland and Liechtenstein), either the German quotation marks (“…”; Merkhilfe: 99-66) or the French quotation marks with the points facing inwards (“…”, Guillemets, also goosefoots) are used as quotation marks called).

How do I quote an oral statement?

An oral statement is usually not entered in the bibliography, but is noted as a source in the text or in a footnote.

How do I quote correctly in a lecture?

Quoting a lecture / lecture Tip: You should therefore take a look at the personal homepage of the speaker. Scheme for the lecture: {Last name}, {First name} ({year}): {Lecture title}. (Lecture, {date}).

How do I quote from lecture slides?

Quoting lecture slides and handouts according to APA According to the 7th edition of the APA guidelines, the name of the respective database and the associated URL are given when citing the source. Universities often use internal databases such as Blackboard, N @ tschool, Moodle and Magister.

How do I quote a publication?

The quotation is quoted in full, i.e. one quoted as at the end of the bibliography with all information (author, title, year of publication, place, pages, etc.). For further quotations from the same source: short quotation (author year, page or author: [Kurz-]Title, page).

How do I quote from Review?

And if the article – for whatever reason – cannot be obtained (not even via interlibrary loan !?), then the important results from the review article should be cited and cited in the text by using both articles, the review article X and the original Article Y cited therein.

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