How do I quote Wikipedia in the text?

How do I quote Wikipedia in the text?

If you decide to quote from Wikipedia, you must create a reference at the appropriate place in the text and an entry in the bibliography. You can find this information in Wikipedia’s citation help. To do this, click on cite article on the left side of the article.

How to cite Wikipedia?

Can, should or may one quote Wikipedia?! There’s a lot to discuss about that. It is often rightly said that Wikipedia is only suitable for initial clarification and viewing of a topic, but is not a citable source. Technically, Wikipedia is citable!

What are citation rules?

An important citation rule is that direct quotations are not altered. You take the original text from another source word for word and put it in quotation marks. In your reference in the text, you give the exact page number on which the citation can be found.

What citation styles are there?

APA. The APA style was developed by the American Psychological Association and was originally used primarily in psychology and the social sciences. Harvard. The Harvard citation style is often used in economics. German citation. Vancouver. Chicago. OSCOLA. MLA. IEEE.

Which citation style does citavi use?

In Citavi, the APA 6th citation style is the most frequently accessed English-language citation style. The DGPs style, a close German-language adaptation of the APA style, follows in second place.

Which citation style medical doctoral thesis?

First things first – the most popular citation methods for each subject:Social SciencesAPA, Turabian, AAANatural SciencesACSLaw OSCOLAMedicineVancouver, AMA, NLMComputer Science/Electrical EngineeringIEEE3 •

When do I write cf and when not?

The abbreviation cf. in front of the source indicates that this information does not come verbatim from the source listed, but it does correspond to the meaning. That means you can make a comparison between your work and the original source.

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