How do I refer to a source?

How do I refer to a source?

With the references in the text, you refer to the detailed bibliography in your bibliography. When referring to the text, the name of the author, the year of publication of the work and the page number are always given. Use the following format: (Author year: page number).

How do you cite Wikipedia as a source?

If you decide to quote from Wikipedia, you have to create a reference in the appropriate place in the text and an entry in the bibliography. You can find this information in the citation aid on Wikipedia. To do this, click on Quote article on the left margin of the article.

What happened to source?

Quelle GmbH (name from 2006) has merged Quelle as Quelle Schickedanz AG & Co. with the department store group Karstadt since 1999. In connection with the insolvency of Arcandor (KarstadtQuelle AG until 2007), the Quelle mail order company was dissolved and parts of it were sold.

What is a source simply explained?

In historical studies, sources are – according to the much-cited definition by Paul Kirn – “all texts, objects or facts from which knowledge of the past can be gained”. The research interests of the respective historian are decisive for the definition of a source.

Why did Quelle go broke?

The Arcandor bankruptcy meant the end of the department store. And what’s more: Quelle had already sold all of its customer accounts receivable to the Valovis Bank via one of the factoring contracts customary in mail order business. …

When was Quelle founded?

October 26, 1927

Who does Neckermann belong to now?

The Hamburg mail order company Otto secured the rights to the “” brand in November 2012. Otto-Versand has been operating an online shop at “” since February 4, 2013.

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