How do I request a deadline extension?

How do I request a deadline extension?

Dear Sir or Madam, unfortunately [kann ich meine / können wir unsere] [Einkommenserklärung für das Steuerjahr [STEUERJAHR] / Your letter of[DATUM]]not on time [abgeben / beantworten].

By when tax return 2019 with tax consultant?

You can take more time to submit your tax return for 2019. If you are required to submit a return, the statutory deadline for submitting the 2019 income tax return is July 31, 2020

What happens if you submit your income tax return too late?

Anyone who submits too late pays 0.25 percent of the tax liability for each month or part thereof. But at least 25 euros per month. It can even happen that a tax refund suddenly becomes an additional payment. Because the delay surcharge will be deducted from your tax refund immediately.

Until when to apply for an extension of the tax return deadline?

Only those who wish to file their tax return themselves must do so by July 31, 2020. On the other hand, if you hire a tax consultant to do this, you have until the end of February of the year after next: the deadline for the 2019 tax return is February 28, 2020

Can the tax return deadline be extended?

In § 109 AO (tax code) it is regulated that the deadline for the submission of the tax return can be extended. No special form is required for this, an informal letter to the tax office is sufficient.

By when does the 2020 tax return have to be submitted?

For the 2019 tax return, the general statutory deadline for taxpayers who do not seek advice from a tax advisor or wage tax assistance association ends on July 31, 2020. The tax return must have arrived at the tax office by then.

When can I file my tax return for 2019?

Then there is always a tax refund. Anyone who has to submit a tax return does not have a particularly long time to do so: the tax return must be submitted by July 31st. be at the tax office in the following year. You have until July 31, 2020 to submit your tax return for 2019.

When do I get a letter from the tax office?

Such a request is made, for example, if the tax office receives a control notification for income from capital assets, from the German pension insurance association or in the case of an inheritance or gift, or if an account retrieval has shown that social benefits have flowed that are tax …

Can I submit the 2019 tax return on paper?

Then you can still submit your tax return in paper form. This also applies if you also earn income from capital assets or renting and leasing.

Can I send tax returns by post?

However, you still have to send important documents for your tax return (e.g. the certificate of capital-forming payments or proof of donations such as donation receipts) by post to the tax office.

Where can I get a tax return form?

In some cities you can also get the forms from the Citizens’ Registration Office, so you’d have to ask. You can also download the form for your tax return from the Internet. It’s best to go to, the tax authority is behind it and there are also tips for filling it out.

When is Elster 2019 available?

ElsterFormular will be made available to you for the last time in 2020 for tax returns and registrations for 2019. This means: The income tax return for the year 2020 (to be submitted in 2021) can no longer be created in ElsterFormular.

Will ElsterFormular be discontinued?

The Bavarian State Tax Office (BayLfSt) is currently pointing out that the ElsterFormular can be used for the last time in 2020 for tax returns for 2019.

Where can I get the certificate for Elster?

To apply for the certificate, go to the website Under the Login field, click Register. In the next window you should choose between different types of certificates. ELSTERBasis is perfectly adequate for private users.

How do I get a free Elster certificate?

You can obtain this free of charge from the website of the financial administration. To do this, go to and click on the “Create a user account” button in the upper area of ​​the home page: You will be shown a brief introduction to “Creating an account – Here’s how it works”.

How do I get the certificate file?

You will receive the required certificate file free of charge when you register with ELSTER, the service portal of the tax authorities. To do this, click on “Create user account” in the upper area, select “Certificate file” as the login option and follow the menu navigation.

What do I need for Magpie?

With signature or completely paperless? For a paperless delivery (authenticated transmission) a free and one-time registration in My ELSTER is necessary. You will receive a certificate with which you can send your tax return electronically without a signature.

How does Elster 2020 work?

You can use Mein Elster to submit tax returns (e.g. advance sales tax return) online and to create and submit your income tax return completely electronically. You don’t even need to download any program, you create the declaration in the internet browser.

What documents must be submitted with the 2019 tax return?

You must enclose these documents: Proof of disability. Donation receipts. Certificates of wage replacement benefits (e.g. unemployment benefit, short-time work allowance, parental allowance) Tax certificates for capital gains tax or interest deductions. Certificate of creditable foreign taxes.

What do you need for the tax return?

Documents that are worth their money!ID card or passport – must be submitted to the Tax number, tax identification number. Income tax assessment for the previous year / advance payment assessment. If necessary, account statements for the year concerned.

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