How do I send a fax with Outlook?

How do I send a fax with Outlook?

How can I send faxes via Outlook (Exchange)? Write a new e-mail. Enter the fax number in the “To” field in the format +49Nummer@mail.fax. If necessary, you can write a text in the text field of the e-mail which will be transmitted as the first fax sheet.

What is GMX pro mail?

With ProMail you can expect many new Power Premium advantages that you would not expect from a typical mailbox – such as SMS, fax reception, XL file attachments, XL storage space and much more. The professional mailbox is also without third-party advertising and offers attractive savings with cooperation partners.

What is GMX TOP Mail?

TopMail – GMX’s premium mailbox You also have access to the GMX Cloud with additional storage space of up to 18 GB. With 100MB you can send many pictures and files in a single email. With registered e-mails you are informed quickly and reliably with a “return receipt”.

What does GMX Premium cost?

Your advantages. We offer you the opportunity to test GMX ProMail or GMX TopMail in peace – the monthly basic fee of € 2.99 for ProMail or

Is GMX chargeable?

Not for free: If you have an email account with GMX or WEB.DE, you have to look three times – otherwise you will fall into the subscription trap. Every day Germans check their e-mail accounts for work or private to check the latest news.

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