How do I send a large letter?

How do I send a large letter?

Square cards and letters are to be sent as large letters. Oversized or other special formats for letters require special postage. For large and maxi letters abroad, more generous dimensions apply: length + width + height = max. 90 cm, but no side may be longer than 60 cm.

Send goods in a maxi letter?

Anyone who sends goods with their maxi letter that the recipient is supposed to pay for afterwards is well served as a sender with the national cash on delivery letter option. The deliverer will only hand over the shipment if the recipient pays the required amount immediately.

How do I package a book for shipping?

Pack the books well before shipping. First, wrap the book in some waste paper so that the edges are not damaged. After folding the cardboard around the book, do the same thing again, the only difference being that the longest page of the book is now used.

Can you put a DHL parcel in the mailbox?

If it was franked as a parcel (online for € 3.90), it must be delivered either via the parcel box, a packing station or the counter. Only letters go into the mailbox, parcels and parcels are transported by DHL, letters by the German Post.

Where can I drop off my DHL package?

Your customer can drop off their returns at around 29,000 drop-off points, such as the DHL branch, the DHL parcel shop, the DHL Packstation * and the DHL delivery agent **.

Can I drop off parcels at the packing station?

For shipping via a packing station, the items must be franked in advance and have a minimum size of 15 x 11 x 1 cm and a maximum size of 75 x 60 x 40 cm. Please note that you can only send shipments via the Packstation that are transported with DHL Paket.

How does a return to the Packstation work?

Show the QR code of your DHL return in a branch, a DHL parcel shop, at a packing station or at the DHL delivery agent. Your return label will then be printed by DHL. Your DHL deliverer will then also take your parcel directly with you.

What happens when a letter is sent to a packing station?

Standard letters are not delivered here. Sending letters to packing stations is only possible for large letters, i.e. large letters, maxi letters, bookings and shipments of goods. In addition, the dispatch must take place via the Deutsche Post and not via another mail service provider such as PIN AG.

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