How do I send an email to WhatsApp? How do I send an email to WhatsApp?

How do I send an email to WhatsApp?

You click on the paper clip in the chat window in the upper right corner of the PC WhatsApp, then you can attach a file or take a photo and send it. Sounds complicated at first, but once done it’s child’s play, I promise. That depends on how heavy your email goods are …

How can I send pictures by email?

In the photo tray, click Email. Select Gmail or your default email program. Sign in to your email account. Enter the recipient’s email address and a message text before sending the message.

How can I send photos from my mobile phone by email?

Alternatively, you can add their phone number or email address to share content. On your Android smartphone or tablet, open the Google Photos app. Sign in to your Google account. Choose a photo, an album or a movie.Tap the Share icon.

How can I send a picture?

You can send WhatsApp pictures as follows: Open WhatsApp and open the chat that you want to send pictures to. In the chat menu bar, tap on the paperclip symbol and then on “Gallery” to select the images you want.

How can I forward pictures?

This is how you can forward pictures and videos in WhatsApp: In the relevant chat window, scroll to the picture or video that you want to forward. Tap the little arrow directly to the left (iOS) or right (Android) next to the picture or video.

How can I send multiple pictures at once with whatsapp?

AW: Send multiple pictures to Whatsapp, click on the paper clip symbol where you write the message, click on the album, select your own recordings. Click on the circle with 3 dots and 3 lines at the bottom, mark several images that you want to send, and click the circle below to confirm where the tick is.

How can I send several pictures at the same time?

Android? Tap on the paper clip, then select “Gallery” and then press and hold on a photo until it is highlighted. You can then select the other photos with a normal tap, then they appear with a tick.

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