How do I set line spacing in Word?

How do I set line spacing in Word?

Highlight the paragraphs you want to change. Go to Home > Line and Paragraph Spacing. Select the number of line spacings you want, or select Line spacing options, and then under Spacing, select the options you want.

How do I set line spacing 1 5?

Click or select the paragraph for which you want to change the line spacing. On the Home tab, click Line and Paragraph Spacing in the Paragraph group. Select a line spacing: 1.0 digit – single space.

What does 6PT mean?

There are different definitions for the typographic “point” (pt) (although they differ only slightly from each other); the most common today is mE 1 pt = 0.35 mm; So 6 pt is 2.1 mm.

What is PT in Word?

In typography, the terms font size, font size, font size or cone height (also cone thickness) describe a measure of the size of a font. Various units of measurement are used for font size and are commonly referred to as “points” (pt).

How many mm is a PT?

1 point corresponds to 0.35 to 0.38 mm depending on the country.

Is 10 mm 1 cm?

Summary table: centimeters (cm) from millimeters (mm):mmcm1 mm =>0.1 cm5 mm =>0.5 cm10 mm =>1 cm15 mm =>1.5 cm37

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