How do I set the programs on the Samsung TV?

How do I set the programs on the Samsung TV?

This is how you sort the channels on the Samsung J and H series (2014/2015) Press the menu button on your remote control and select the “Broadcasting” item. You will now receive a channel list. Confirm your selection with “Change number”. Now you can move the station to the desired location.

What is Samsung TV Plus?

Samsung TV Plus is Samsung’s free Smart TV video service that gives you easy access to entertainment, movies, news and more. Samsung TV Plus is preinstalled on every Samsung Smart TV (2016 – 2020) and is one of the most popular applications on Samsung TVs.

Why can’t I receive any stations?

If you continue to have problems with cable reception, contact your landlord or caretaker as the socket may be defective. You can also try to factory reset the TV. However, all settings will be lost.

How do I find channels on TV?

Samsung TV: Start channel search Controls the “Menu” using the remote control. Selects the “Broadcasting” section. Here you can select the “Auto. Select station search”. If you want to search specifically for specific stations, select “manual search”. Confirm the search with “Start”.

Can’t find VOXup?

VOXup can be received digitally via the Astra satellite. You can find VOXup using the search function on your TV remote control. If you cannot find VOXup, you can start a station search and then save VOXup.

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