How do I set up an outline?

How do I set up an outline?

The first step: Find out about the shell of an outline Introduction (reason, interest in knowledge) Situation analysis (research status) Objectives (hypothesis and answer to the central question) Methodology (methodological and theoretical foundations) Synthesis / analysis (merging of methodology and subject of investigation)

What goes into a specialist thesis?

The written part of your thesis is divided into the introduction, the main part and the conclusion …. The introduction You introduce the readership to the topic and the question of your thesis. You give a step-by-step overview of your further content-related approach in your thesis.

What is a high school thesis?

A technical thesis is a propaedeutic science work that is independently developed by students in Germany to monitor performance. It is often a kind of final thesis of the Reformed upper level or as part of the special learning achievement that can optionally be included in the Abitur.

How much does the skilled work count?

The fifth examination component includes the grade for the technical work and the presentation of the technical work for the Abitur grade. Depending on the form in which the student takes his exam – whether as a special learning achievement or a presentation exam – the assessment by the teacher also differs.

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