How do I start a letter of motivation How do I start a letter of motivation?

How do I start with a letter of motivation?

Sample formulations for the first sentence of the letter of motivation: “My values ​​and strengths include teamwork and reliability. I was able to prove this successfully as XY… ”“ In my work, it is important to me to fully identify with my tasks.

What belongs in a qualification profile?

The qualification profile of an employee or applicant contains all of his skills, knowledge and skills that he has acquired in the course of his professional life. Above all, the qualification profile plays a role when a new job is to be filled.

What do you write in a short profile?

A short profile is a summarizing overview of the professional experience and skills acquired over the years, including technical and job-related qualifications as well as personal soft skills.

What should you know about me?

In an application, the about-me page offers the opportunity to show relevant character traits and strengths that cannot be found in the cover letter and résumé or that did not fit in there. The About Me page is also known as the “Third Page”.

What do you write about me in your résumé?

Only the profile header with personal details is of course always required:

  • Short profile head. Heading: “Brief Profile” first and last name. Complete contact details (including email and mobile phone number)
  • Hard skills. Education / qualifications. Core competencies.
  • Soft skills. Leadership experience. Goal orientation / previous successes.

How do I describe myself in an application?

Strengths in the application – these are mentioned most frequently

  1. International experience.
  2. Teamwork.
  3. Motivation.
  4. Resilience.
  5. Sense of responsibility.
  6. quick grasp.
  7. Punctuality.
  8. Flexibility.

What is an experience profile?

The performance and experience profile is a supplementary page (“third page”) that follows the curriculum vitae. This profile page is useful if it offers the HR manager additional information. Make as much effort with this page as you do with your resume and cover letter.

What should you tell about yourself in the interview?

Introduce your self-presentation very simply by giving your name and age and briefly describing your current professional situation, although the HR manager will of course already know this basic information from your résumé. What can you? Of course, everything that is relevant for the position to be filled!

What should you consider with the application photo?

The recipe for a good application photo

  • Skin: skin color / complexion / not shiny.
  • Hair: good cut / well-groomed appearance.
  • Facial expression: open smile / friendliness.
  • Eyes: looking at the camera / confident.
  • Background: light / neutral.
  • Posture: relaxed / not cramped.

Which margins when applying?

Margins: There are recommendations in the so-called DIN standard 5008 for the margins and other distances in the cover letter. We recommend a margin of 2 cm at the top and bottom, 2.5 cm for the left margin and at least 1.5 cm for the right margin.

Which format for applications?

Before you start writing your application, you should think about the design of your application documents. Generally you use DIN A4 pages. Cover letters and curriculum vitae in particular should be designed and shaped in a uniform manner.

Which margins?

However, according to DIN 5008, you should choose a margin of at least 10 mm (1 cm). Basically it can be said that the edge should be 2 cm. However, if you want to display all of the letter content on one page, you can choose a smaller right-hand margin of up to a maximum of 10 mm (1 cm) for reasons of space.

Which format for applications?

For several years now, the answer has been clear: send your e-mail attachment or your online application exclusively in PDF format. Occasionally, applicants still use the DOCX format of MS Word. This is not only seen reluctantly, it is often completely ignored.

How do I get all application documents in one file?

Open the first document and start printing. Here you have the option of selecting “PDFCreator” and then clicking on “Merge”. Now the other PDFs have to be selected in order to create a single PDF from them at the end with “Merge all”.

What is the size of an application?

A font size of 12 pt. Is usual, which leads to a respectable result with the Times New Roman font. The Arial font is usually used in font size 11 pt. used. Other fonts for your cover letter include Bookman Old Style, Calibri, Cambria, Garamond, Georgia, and Verdana.

In what font size do you write a letter?

As a rough rule of thumb, 11 or 12 point is selected as the font size for official letters.

In which script should you write a book?

Tip: Depending on whether you have a large font (such as Arial) or a small font (such as Times New Roman), you should choose a size between 9 and 12. Amazon recommends font size 9 for larger and 12 for smaller fonts.

Which script is best to read?


What is the minimum number of pages in a book?

You can’t hold a thick book in front of you for hours without making it uncomfortable. 200 pages is ideal for an unknown author. If it’s not a children’s book for two-year-olds, I would say 80 pages or more.

How can you write a book?


  1. Write every day.
  2. Read every day – books that inspire you, genres you like.
  3. Join a writing group – at home or on the internet.
  4. Make a playlist for your story – music conveys ideas and feelings.

What do I have to consider if I want to write a book?

15 facts you should know before you start writing books

  • Don’t start completely haphazardly.
  • What a good story needs.
  • Find / organize ideas.
  • Research.
  • In which genre do you want to write your book?
  • Main character (protagonist)
  • Plot
  • Locations / backdrops.

How do I get an idea for a book?

Start looking for ideas. Think about which books or films you like. What kind of stories you’ve read, what kind of films you’ve seen. Take out a pen and paper (or use Evernote) and make a list. When you’re done, look at your list and figure out where you might find similarities.

How much does it cost to publish a book?

The cost of publishing a book varies. It depends on the way in which you publish a book. Serious self-publishing service providers charge between a few euros up to approx. 250 euros.

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