How do I start a narrative?

How do I start a narrative?

Structure of the description Introduction (brief introduction, introductory sentence: what is it about?) Main part. Description of all feelings on the topic (feelings, thoughts, observations) Lively language is important, it is about decorating the text. End (end the situation, come to an appropriate conclusion)

In what time do you have to write a description?

In a description, the author usually uses the present or the past tense, unless it is part of a story written in a different time. As a further linguistic stylistic device one can find direct speech, comparisons and pictorial embellishments.

What does described mean?


What does it mean?

Word meaning / definition: 1) transitive; of goods: sell to other countries; export. 5) transitive; execute someone: invite someone (especially: a loved one) to a certain place or to a certain event. 6) transitive: explain something in more detail.

What is meant by explain?

Meanings: [1] rewrite something in a teaching way. Words related to meaning: [1] execute, describe, illuminate, explain, paraphrase, convey.

What is the difference between explain and explain?

Roughly speaking, explain has an intention of either justifying or teaching or expressing one’s point of view, while explaining is more of a neutral comment that is supposed to make things easier to understand.

How do you explain something?

explain a fact, text statements, own text productions or a thesis with additional information (examples, evidence, reasons) and thus illustrate and clarify clarify a fact illustrate, clarify (BaWü) make something understandable (BaWü)

What exactly does it mean to discuss?

The discussion is an essayistic text form in which the core facts (“places” or in a discussion can find one’s own point of view on a question, derive a factual judgment and justify this argumentatively with evidence / examples.

What is a thesis in German?

The thesis (from ancient Greek θέσις thésis, German ‘established sentence, claim’) denotes an assertion to be proven or a guiding principle. The counter-assertion can be an antithesis.

How do you write a thesis in a discussion?

When you fill your thesis with arguments, the strongest argument should appear first, followed by the less strong arguments. In the free or dialectical discussion you usually start with the PRO arguments in main part 1 and then follow the CONTRA arguments in main part 2.

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