How do I start to write my bachelor thesis?

How do I start to write my bachelor thesis?

Write a bachelor thesis with this checklist! Search for a suitable supervisor. Finding a topic. Formulating the research question. Literature research. Evaluation of the literature research; View suitable material. Preparation / implementation of a data collection (if necessary to work on the topic) Further entries …

How does the bachelor thesis work?

Registration and scope The processing period for bachelor theses is between 2 and 4 months, depending on the university. The length of the thesis is usually 20 to 40 pages. Therefore, you should create a detailed schedule immediately after registering your bachelor thesis.

How many bachelor theses should be submitted?

This question is not uniformly regulated nationwide either, so it is advisable to check the respective study regulations or to ask about them at the examination office. As a rule, three bound copies are required, one copy remains in the examination office and the first and second reviewer receives one paper each.

Can I submit my bachelor thesis earlier?

If this is not expressly regulated in the examination regulations, the chairperson of the examination board has the last word – although I cannot understand why one cannot submit a bachelor’s thesis earlier. This is certainly not a problem at most universities.

Where do you hand in the bachelor thesis?

Where is the submission of the bachelor thesis? The bachelor thesis is submitted in triplicate to the examination office – not to the supervisor! When submitting the bachelor thesis, the responsible employee in the examination office officially stamps the receipt of the bachelor thesis.

Can I submit a thesis earlier?

Basically it shouldn’t be a problem to leave much earlier. As a precaution, talk to your supervisor about it. On the other hand, you are not under such great time pressure. In the end, only the content of the work counts anyway.

Which submission date for the master’s thesis?

The submission date results from the registration date plus 6 months (e.g. registration 3.3., Submission then 3.9.). If the submission date is on a holiday or weekend day, the next working day is deemed to be the submission day. Printed copies are to be handed in to the examination office. In the case of mail, the date of the postmark counts.

When to register for a master’s thesis?

In general, there is no mandatory date for registering your bachelor thesis. You can register your thesis as soon as you meet the necessary requirements.

Who can supervise a master’s thesis?

Who can look after me? You need a primary supervisor and a secondary supervisor (either male or female). Anyone who regularly teaches in the master’s program is allowed to supervise you. This includes not only the professors, but also the teaching staff for special tasks.

How do I motivate myself for the master’s thesis?

These twelve tips will help students develop enough motivation to complete the master’s thesis. Tip 1: Create a schedule and work out an outline. Tip 2: plan for non-writing times. Tip 3: celebrate small successes. Tip 4: Do research and write as work.

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