How do I summarize a factual text?

How do I summarize a factual text?

If you want to summarize a factual text, you have to state the most important things and leave out the unimportant. Imagine that someone who has not read this text can only get answers to the following questions through your summary: What is the subject of the text? Who is reporting on the topic?

How do I write a report correctly?

The correct structure of a report: INTRODUCTION: The introduction gives an initial overview. MAIN PART: In the main part, the events are presented in detail and in the correct order. CONCLUSION: The conclusion gives brief information about the W-questions, why?

How do you write a report in German?

The language of the report is always factual and clear. A report is not (unlike a narrative) about creating tension. So remember that a report provides the reader with factual information about an event or action.

What can’t be in a report?

A report provides factual information about an event or an action. Colloquial language, verbatim speech, assumptions and your own opinion have no place in a report. So avoid them!

What must a report contain?

A report is a factual, brief and objective account of an action or situation. Your own opinion and unimportant details may not be included. Nevertheless, a report should contain all the important facts to inform the reader.

What must be included in a good report?

A report is a text that describes an event or a situation without containing the author’s own opinion. It is important that he gives us precise information about what is happening. So he should provide factual and precise information.

What does a good report look like?

A good report is easy to spot: it is understandable and easy to read. For you as the writer, this means keeping a few things in mind.

What kind of reports are there?

The types of report include newspaper reports, reports, event reports, accident reports, witness statements, damage reports, event reports and minutes. Tasks and exercises for the report in German can be found here!

Why is there no verbatim speech in a report?

Avoid using literal speech in a report. Therefore, you have to convert direct speech into indirect speech if you want to show in your text that someone other than you said or meant something.

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