How do I support my child in choosing a career?

How do I support my child in choosing a career?

This is how you can support your child in choosing a career. Role check for parents. Be a good co-pilot, but let your kid take the wheel! potential check. Identify your child’s strengths together! Goal check. Help your child chart the right course! Implementation. Make plans and get started!

Who will help me to choose a career?

The first point of contact is the study advisors at the universities and a network of many other advice centers. The advisors for academic careers and the university teams of the employment agencies are also happy to help if there are problems with your studies.

How important is a secure job?

Job security is part of a “good life” for many employees. In a survey conducted by IG Metall, a good 89 percent of the 450,000 respondents describe a secure job as very important. In contrast, at a good 67 percent, far fewer respondents rate whether they enjoy their work as very important.

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