How do I top up (the right amount) of oil?

If the dipstick shows that there is not enough oil in the engine, the oil should be topped up. The oil level is really reliable only when the engine is cold. To measure, carefully pull the stick out of the measuring device, wipe it completely clean with a kitchen towel – push it back in completely and pull it out again – the oil level can now be read. An oil dipstick is usually divided into three areas:

  • Minimum: If the oil level is at the bottom of the dipstick, have to you refill oil.
  • Optimum: Everything is fine in this middle range. she be able Refill oil.
  • maximum: You need to no oil refill.

Is the oil level in the minimum area? oil needs to be refilled. To do this, follow this rule: pour never by feel engine oil into the filler hole, but fill it up always in 0.5 liter units after! When half a liter has been added, measure the oil level again. If the level has risen only slightly, top up again with 0.5 liters.

Always make sure to use the right oil!

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