How do I write a characterization example?

How do I write a characterization example?

Characterization – main part Name and age of the person, occupation and origin, personal history, external circumstances such as place of residence, time and social position, physique and characteristics such as eye color, hair color, facial features, abnormalities in gestures and facial expressions.

How do you write the end of a characterization?

The conclusion of a characterization allows you to briefly express your own opinion. The figure can be criticized. The significance of the figure for the overall work and the relationship to other figures in the text should also be mentioned.

What is the best way to begin a personal description?

The personal description is divided into an introduction, a main part and a conclusion. In the introduction you provide information about the most important characteristics of the person. In the main part you formulate more information about the appearance of the person. It is important that you pay attention to a logical order.

How can a person be?

List of the five defining characteristics of every human being: Extraversion. Very distinctive: Talkative, sociable, dominant, hands-on, spontaneous, cordial, cheerful, optimistic. Emotional stability. Openness. Conscientiousness. Compatibility.

What goes into a personal description?

A description of a person can be divided into three sections: general information, external appearance and a detailed description of the face. In the first section, general information is written down by the person. This includes first name, last name, age, gender and origin.

What should be in a description?

The description describes people, objects, processes or landscapes. The description is so detailed that the reader can imagine the thing or the person described very well.

How do you write a personal description in elementary school?

When describing a person, we go from the big to the small, that is, we work our way from the obvious characteristics to the inconspicuous details. It is important to follow a logical sequence. We describe the person from head to toe, i.e. from top to bottom.

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