How do I write a comparison in German?

How do I write a comparison in German?

How do you compare? Introduction: Mention of the texts, presentation of the topic Main part: Analysis of the two texts one after the other (diachronic) or alternating aspect-oriented (synchronous) Conclusion: Conclusion (are the texts similar or completely different?), Justification of your own opinion .

How do I write a picture comparison?

How do I write a picture comparison? Description of one picture. Analysis & interpretation (always flow a little together) Final epoch-making classification. Description of the second image, analysis and interpretation. Find similarities and differences (comparison of epochs, comparison of artists) Further entries… •

How do I write a comparative analysis?

In the comparative analysis of literary texts, two literary texts are analyzed and then compared with one another. As a rule, an aspect of the investigation is specified or it is recognizable, but must be named yourself.

What are points of comparison?

The comparison is a rhetorical stylistic device that is used in works of all literary genres. A comparison is the direct juxtaposition of two or more facts, objects or linguistic images that have at least one thing in common.

What is an Examples Metaphor?

Example of a metaphor in a speech: Nobody could hold a candle to him. We have gathered here to break the wall of silence. That is already yesterday’s news. Politicians trample our rights.

How do you recognize a comparison?

You can recognize a comparison by the fact that the word “how” is used for comparison. Example: The applause sounded as strong as a pounding rain shower. In a personification, animals, objects and general terms are assigned human characteristics.

What is a comparison?

A settlement (ma. Mutsühne) is a contract in German civil law through which a dispute or the uncertainty about a legal relationship over which the parties can dispose is resolved by mutually leaving the extreme positions and finding a compromise.

What does comparing mean?

1) Check two or more things for similarities and differences. 2) legal, reflexive: reaching an agreement between two parties, each giving in and accommodating the other. Abbreviation: 1) cf., more rarely: cf.

Why do people compare?

In order to better assess ourselves and get information about our current situation, we often compare ourselves with people who are similar to us. We know these people, for example our friends or siblings, well and can thus establish specific points of comparison.

What does compare in math mean?

Natural numbers can be compared with one another based on their position on the number line. The further to the right a number is on the number line, the larger it is. To compare, we use the following symbols: (the tip always points to the smaller number!)

What is a metaphor?

A metaphor (from ancient Greek μεταφορά metaphorá “transfer”) is a “linguistic expression (used especially as a stylistic device) in which a word (a group of words) is transferred from its actual meaning to another without a direct comparison of the relationship between the indicative …

What is a metaphor explained to children?

The metaphor is a rhetorical stylistic device that transfers the meaning of a word or a group of words into a different context. If you don’t know that the term “desert ship” is a metaphor for a camel, you first think of a ship in the desert, which makes little sense.

What is the effect of a metaphor?

Metaphors let the reader see a light. Something that is already known to him is used as an image for something that he should understand. This makes the new or the complicated easier to digest and more convincing. The metaphor can also be misleading, shortening or distorting the meaning.

What is meant by metaphorical?

The adjective metaphorical means that a formulation is used in a figurative sense and thus figuratively and that something uses metaphors, such as a text or a speech and is therefore shaped by the use of the stylistic figure. This can be called a metaphorical style.

What does it mean when something is spoken figuratively?

The poem “Figuratively Spoken” was written in 1981 by Ulla Hahn. This is love poetry, which represents the convulsive urge to be close from the lyrical self to the lyrical you.

What does transfer mean?

Word meaning / definition: 1) entrusting someone with a task. 2) pass on a disease to someone. 3) rewrite something that has already been written elsewhere. 4) change something in its form, but not in its essence or its information content.

What does visualization mean?

is synonymous with: demonstration, illustration, illustration, clarification.

What is it pictorial?

pictorial. Meanings: [1] express or think in such a way that an image emerges before the eyes of the listener or thinker.

What is symbolic?

↗picture powerful · ↗picture powerful · ↗impressive · ↗impressive · in strong images · with strong images ● visually impressive walk.

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