How do I write a discussion in German?

How do I write a discussion in German?

Write a text-based discussion: Instructions Read the text thoroughly. Develop the arguments. Take a stand (collect pro and con arguments) Write a discussion according to a three-part structure (introduction, main part, conclusion). Check with the checklist.

How do you start the main body of a discussion?

The arguments gathered earlier will be used in the main part of your discussion. The point here is to present them in line with one or more theses. In this way you either justify the pros and cons of a topic (linear discussion) or weigh the pros and cons (dialectical discussion).

How do you begin a dialectical discussion?

The structure of the dialectical discussion First you write an introduction in which you briefly introduce the topic of the discussion. In the main part you start with the thesis that you support less or not at all at the end. This thesis is supported by arguments in descending order from strong to weak.

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