How do I write a dissertation?

How do I write a dissertation?

Writing a dissertation: Requirements, structure + 9 tips for your doctoral thesis Research to save time and integrate common specialist literature. Find a relevant topic. Convince a supervisor of your work. Create a realistic and detailed schedule. Avoid too many and too short sub-chapters. Further entries …

Who evaluates doctoral theses?

The submitted dissertation will be assessed by at least two reviewers, one of whom must belong to the faculty responsible for the doctorate as a professor. The supervisor of the doctoral thesis can also be appointed as a reviewer.

How many papers for PhD?

In the case of a cumulative doctorate, you have to publish several articles individually – depending on the doctoral regulations, these are usually three or four.

Which is better summa or magna?

Excellent final grade – Magna cum laude is the second best grade for a dissertation in Germany. Magna cum Laude describes a grade for a scientific work (dissertation). Compared to school grades, this would be “very good”. Only the grade summa cum laude (with the highest praise) is better.

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