How do I write a free discussion?

How do I write a free discussion?

In the introduction to a free discussion, you state the topic and the current reference, i.e. why the topic is currently important. In the main part, you present your key arguments with evidence. It is best to write them down in ascending order, so you name the best arguments at the end.

How can I argue convincingly?

Argue convincingly – you know how! It is not only a matter of the content, but also of the presentation of your arguments. Analyze facts, work out opinions, evaluations and different points of view, find a solution that is acceptable and satisfactory for everyone.

Should School Uniforms Be Introduced Pros and Cons?

We have briefly summarized the most important pros and cons of a school uniform for you in the following table: School uniforms reduce social exclusion within the school. the sense of community and cohesion in the class improves. reduce distraction in class …

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