How do I write a good blog?

How do I write a good blog?

How to Write a Readable Blog Article Formulate an interesting headline. Keep the promise you make. Build in pictures. Think about the layout. Speak the language of your readers. Structure your texts. Bring examples and experiences. Further entries …

What is typical for a blog?

Another characteristic of blogs is that there is usually only one author who is responsible for the content as the author and who usually writes articles from a first-person perspective. This makes blogs a good medium to represent your own opinion.

Why am I writing a blog?

With a blog, you do not have to rely on what others write about your services or your product, but you have it in your own hands to inform your (potential) customers. You also have the opportunity to hear and answer your customers’ questions and problems directly.

How do you write an interesting article?

Really good articles write the instructions Point 1 Write a tempting headline. Point 2 Research in detail and very precisely. Don’t forget to do 3 keyword research. Point 4 Write a first draft. Point 5 Now create the structure. Point 6 Fill in the gaps in your structure. Further entries … •

How can you write newspaper articles?

Structure of a newspaper report A newspaper article always begins with the place where it happened. You write this in capital letters. The introduction of a newspaper report should give a good overview of the most important facts. So here you summarize what happened.

How can you summarize the text?

Divide the text into sections of meaning. Write an introduction to the abstract: title of the text, author, place of publication, date and type of text. Write the main part of the summary: answer W-questions. Write the end of the summary: describe the effect, contribute your own opinion on the text.

What is the main function of a report?

A report conveys content between author and reader and is an important basis for decisions. Most of the time, the addressee does not have the current knowledge or expertise of the writer. We use reports to compensate for these differences in knowledge.

What does report mean?

A report is a longer journalistic form of presentation based on a news item. Like these, he describes a state of affairs or an action without including any evaluations by the author. In contrast to the message, the report presents the events in context.

How do you end a report?

Conclusion: The end of the report provides answers about the consequences of the event or how the problem was ultimately resolved. The language, however, remains concise, factual and without any level of interpretation by the author.

What is a background report?

The genre of the report represents an event in detail. For a background report, the description of an event with all its facts is not sufficient, unlike for the normal report. In addition, the background that caused the event is described.

How can you write factually?

Write factually: Tips for your info texts Write clearly and precisely. In the case of factual texts, the focus is on conveying information. Use verbs instead of nouns. Loosen up the sentence formation. Pay attention to your adjectives. Create structure. Avoid empty phrases and advertising speech. Room for creativity? Bottom line: think about the reader.

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