How do I write a good product description?

How do I write a good product description?

The best product descriptions are those that address your target audience directly and personally. You can answer questions that the future buyer may ask. Make a conversation out of it. Use the words that your target group also uses and address your buyers directly (you).

What belongs in a product description?

Product descriptions are texts that explain the features and properties of products. As a rule, product descriptions are used in web shops and serve to inform potential customers and to encourage them to buy.

What makes a good product for you?

understandable (a good design makes a product understandable) honest (the design shouldn’t simulate anything that the product doesn’t hold) unobtrusive. Timeless.

What is an item description?

The item description is a very important part of your offering. It helps buyers decide whether to buy an item and what to expect when they buy it. Item descriptions that do not accurately describe your item can mislead buyers.

How do I describe a product?

As a rule, it is advisable to structure product descriptions as follows: Title / headline with product or article description. Teaser that describes the product and names its most important advantages / USPs. Product information with all relevant product details (for more clarity, preferably in list form)

What do I write on Ebay as a private seller?

Private sellers on Ebay do not have to point out anything and it is also wrong that they cannot assume any guarantee or warranty. On the contrary: According to the law, they too have to vouch for faultless goods.

What do I have to write for private sales?

I always write the following: “Since private sale there is no return, no guarantee and no exchange. The sale takes place with the exclusion of any guarantee. ”The last sentence has to be in.

What is considered a private sale?

Private sales are any sales that are personally “face to face”, online purchases via the Internet (eg ebay) or sales initiated via a newspaper ad and sent by post.

What do I have to consider if I want to sell on Ebay?

Item Description Photos: You must take your own photos of the item for your Ebay sale. Only images free of copyright may be used from the Internet. Defective item: Damaged or lost items must be removed early from the Ebay sale.

What is the best way to sell on eBay Classifieds?

Scared off by the high sales fees, many people prefer to sell their things on Ebay classified ads …. 5 things that sell well on Ebay classified ads Furniture. Solid wood furniture is always popular. Electrical appliances. Baby and children’s things. Domestic appliances. Cycles.

Can you sell for free on eBay?

As a private seller, you are free * and risk-free on eBay. No sale? No problem. Then there is no fee.

What does it cost to sell something on eBay?

If your item sells, you pay 10% of the final sale price (excluding postage and packaging). This fee is called “sales commission” on eBay.

What does an eBay shop cost per month?

You can post a maximum of 400 fixed-price offers and 40 auctions per month with no offer fee. The basic shop costs 39.95 euros per month (or 32.95 euros per month with an annual subscription). If you’ve been with eBay for a while and your business has evolved, you can switch to the top shop.

Where can I see the fees on eBay?

Access your eBay fee invoice. Log into your eBay account – this will open in a new window or tab. Hover over your username at the top of the page and select Account Settings.

How much is the commission on eBay?

How much money does Ebay keep in total? Ebay normally charges private sellers a fixed sales commission of 10 percent of the sales price in addition to the respective listing fee. However, a maximum of 199 euros per sale goes to Ebay.

What percentage does PayPal take?

The fee for receiving payments is initially 2.49 percent of the amount received plus 0.35 euros per transaction. However, the sellers also have the option of registering as a dealer with PayPal and thus receiving the dealer’s conditions after being checked by PayPal.

How can I avoid eBay fees?

If sellers try to bypass eBay fees, they risk a negative buying experience …. This includes: Suggesting purchases or sales outside of eBay Linking or promoting a website, item, or catalog used to purchase items outside of eBay be able.

How many auctions on eBay for free?

You can find out how many offers are free per month in our seller portal. You can add up to 12 photos per listing for free. All sales limits (as well as category and article limits) in your eBay account continue to apply and could possibly be.

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