How do I write a large letter correctly?

How do I write a large letter correctly?

Large letters: How to place the address and stamp correctly The basic rule for labeling a large letter is: sender’s address at the top left, recipient’s address at the bottom right.

How to label a letter with a window?

Letters with a window are labeled as follows: You can write the sender on the top left of the letterhead so that after folding it can be seen in the window on the bottom left corner of the envelope. You write on large letters in Din A4 format just like smaller envelopes in landscape format.

How do I have to label a consignment?

Write on the mailer – that’s how it works.Only write on the front of the mailer.The sender’s address is at the top left.Enter the recipient’s address at the bottom right.Place a stamp or internet stamp in the top right corner.

How should a book shipment be sent?

As a book consignment, you may only send books, sheet music, brochures or maps. You may not add anything else to the shipment, especially no personal messages. Swiss Post only accepts forms such as an invoice, a delivery note or a return label.

Can a consignment be sealed?

Yes. However, there is a transitional period until December 31 for the previous consignment of goods (and for the consignment of books). The previous dimensions, weights and postage then apply. Yes – this will also apply to book shipments in the future.

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