How do I write a letter of motivation?

How do I write a letter of motivation?

Formally, the letter of motivation, like the cover letter in the application, contains a letterhead (name, address, e-mail and telephone number), date (right-aligned), headline, introduction, body, conclusion, salutation and signature. However, you can do without the recipient address in the letter of motivation.

What is in a letter of motivation?

The following content should not be missing in your letter of motivation: Technical skills (hard skills) Personal strengths (soft skills) Identification with the potential employer. Professional and private goals. Relevant experience and skills. Social commitment.

How do I motivate myself for an interview?

Typical questions about motivation in job interviewsWhat excites you about this position?What are your goals in this job?Why do you want to work for us?Where do you see yourself in five years?

How do you behave in an interview?

The same applies here: no inappropriate gestures, no nervous tugging at clothing, no exaggerated curiosity. It is best to remain seated and follow what is happening around you with interest. The time has come, your conversation partner is free. If he meets you, stand up and introduce yourself.

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