How do I write a reason for objection?

How do I write a reason for objection?

You should state the reasons for your objection. So that the authority knows who is objecting to which decision, you should always state your full name and address, the name and date of the decision and the file or business reference.

What must be in contradiction?

Your objection letter should contain the following information: Your name.Your address.Your telephone number.Date of objection.Address of the authority to which the objection is addressed.Date and reference number or file number of the decision you are objecting to.

How do I formulate an objection to the tax office?

Your objection must be in writing. You have the choice of sending your letter to the tax office by post or fax. If the tax office has provided an e-mail address, you can also submit your objection by e-mail. In addition, the objection can be made for the record.

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